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Kathi Liebe

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Frenchies Cost?
Here is a pretty good break down of what different types of Frenchies generally cost.  OF COURSE, there are always exceptions to these, but in general, these are very accurate.
*AKC breeder, SHOW QUALITY PUPS: $4500 to $7000 or more.
*AKC breeder, PET QUALITY PUPS: $3500 to $5000
*Puppy Mill/Importer/Broker, possibly poorer quality dog: $500 to $2000
*Rescue dogs: a fee to cover vet bills incurred by the rescue, usually $300 to $500 and  lots of patience as some come with health     or temperament issues.

WHY do Frenchies cost so much?
Well, to start with, there is an old saying that is very applicable here: “YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR.”  More often than not, this is the case.  The price of pups reflects the cost the breeders have in getting that puppy whelped and raised and available to you.  The cost of caring for the bitch, showing her, health testing, stud fees, vet bills, (frenchies are almost ALL artificially inseminated as well as having to be C-sectioned), puppy care which includes shots, de-wormings, food, etc...not to mention the hours and hours of care and loss of sleep when caring for frenchie momma and pups.  ALL of this contributes to what it costs to raise these litters, therefore making the price what it is!A puppy mill can sell you a pup for $800, because they may skimp on most everything. They DO NOT show dogs.  They often times feed inferior food.  They do everything the cheapest possible way to prey on uneducated puppy buyers who do not realize they may be getting a puppy that may have a potential plethora of problems and that could cost thousands in vet bills  SO AVOID the heartache, buy from a reputable breeder!!!!

What are some of the possible problems that could arise with Frenchies?
* Frenchies overheat EASILY and should NEVER EVER be left in a car.
*Never leave your frenchie in a yard UNATTENDED! They are prime dogs to be stolen.  They also can get bit by a bee or wasp even     snake and have an allergic reaction, which could lead to swelling and breathing difficulties as well as death.
* Frenchies can have expensive veterinary needs due to their being brachycephalic.
*Frenchies cannot swim (well most of them) and should not be around water unsupervised, EVEN FOR A MINUTE!  They can panic in the water and drown very quickly.  “RUFFWEAR” makes a great lifejacket that fit frenchies wonderfully.  Check them out at:
*Frenchies DO SNORE and sometimes very loudly, so beware if you are a light sleeper.

Why couldn’t I buy one from a pet store?
YOU COULD, but if you do, you are fueling the puppy mill and import trade.  PLEASE do not reward greedy people who plan to prey on you!

I just want a PET FRENCHIE but cannot afford those prices. Do you have any CHEAPER?
Breeder retirees are available occasionally, but they are usually adults, 4-5 years old or older!  They tend to run anywhere from $500-$2000 or so, depending on the age of the dog and the individual breeder.  Younger dogs will indeed run alittle higher as well as dogs that have had health testing done on them!

WHY is the Spay/Neuter contract a requirement?
REPUTABLE breeders do not sell intact dogs unless they are co-owned or on a show contract. Companion pets must be spayed or neutered.  If you have a problem with spaying or neutering MY COMPANION PUPPIES, please look for another breeder, as my bloodlines are very important to me.  I do occasionally sell show pups, but I have an extensive show contract and will also be listed as co-owner on that dog!